2017 New Version Broadlink Smart Home Automation Remote Controller

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2017 New Version Broadlink Smart Home Automation Intelligent Universal WIFI+IR+RF switch Remote Controller

TC2 SHOU - 960


Users can control the appliances anywhere at anytime once they can connect mobile internet (Either Wifi or GPRS). Except controlling appliance directly, users can also preset scheduling, theme so that appliances will turn on / off automatically under different themes. For example, you can create a "presentation mode" so that consecutive actions (E.g. Close the curtains→Turn on the computer→Turn on the projector→The projector switch to the particular channel) will be taken at 9a.m. everyday.
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RM Pro is the real ultimate universal remote control with the following features:
1. Support 80,000+ IR controlled devices such as TV, Air condition, DVD and etc.
2. Support 433MHz and 315MHz frequencies.
3. Support Wifi 2.4GHz b/g/n
4. Support Apps for Android and IOS
5. Control your TV by your smart phone via internet
6. You can set the boot time of TV/Air condition/DVD in advance
7. Support auto modes, AUTO HOME and AUTO AWAY (Auto Away Funciton is only available on android phone)
8 Easy config: One step connection to your home or office Wi-Fi, no gateway needed
9 Profiles: Turn your iOS or Android smartphone into a universal remote
10 Smart Control: Using Broadlink App, you can control your devices anywhere,anytime
11 Scheduling: Pre-set your own profiles, automatically work at set time
The infrared signal can not penetrate walls,The Rf signal can penetrate walls

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2017 New version serial number beginning with RM03

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The RM03 signal is more Stronger than RM pro






This is 100% original 2017 lastest package version and tested before shipment. 




Please don't worry about the plug,we have the EU/UK/US/AU version adapter for your choose, will give you the right plug adapter accrodling to your country












WIFI light on the device is flashing .The WIFI light is flashing quickly.
If the WIFI light is flashing quickly,it means that the broadlink device is in the original factory state.It is ready for you to start configuring it.
The WIFI light is flashing slowly
If the wifi light flashes slowly for 4 flashes and then stops flashing for 1 sec and then repeats this cycle, it means the Broadlink device is waiting for you to configure it. Please press at the upper light icon to start the configuration
The WIFI light is flashing very slowly
If the wifi light is flashing 1 time 3 sec, which indicates that the device has not connected to the wifi. Check if your wifi is running.
The wifi light is falshing slowly and continuously
If the wifi light keeps on flashing continuously at 1 flash per sec, it means the configuration has failed,please reset the device configure again.
How to protect my device and prevent others finding it
Only connect to your home wifi, and then can find you device. Once this is done you can lock your device at "device info" page.