Household Multi-layer First Aid Kit Multifunctional Medicine Box (23.5X17X20.3cm)

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Specifications : 23.5X17X20.3cm product description: 1. The top of the capsule is beauty packages , there is that clamps, beauty scissors , Ershao and finger clip file can be removed quickly when needed . 2. The side drawer box can store some cold , stomach and other bottled oral drugs, used independently , can effectively prevent channeling taste . 3. Internal large box can be used to hold a higher container disinfectant sprays and the like . 4. The tray can be placed in the middle of the thermometer , cotton swabs , and some ointment for a class of drugs. 5. The bottom of the suction disc can store a number of individually boxed oral drugs, used independently , effectively separated from other external use. This product is the modern family everyday essential health kits , some commonly used drugs dress inside, so not only can be classified orderly, easy access but also has moisture, channeling taste effect , to ensure that families keep drugs, medication safety. 

1*extra large household multi-layer first aid kit multifunctional medicine box